Gas Generators

It's Time to Power your Dreams

Our company distributes, installs, repairs and maintains Gas generator sets and UPS systems. We customize your powered requirements using a huge choice of configurations. Our system is scalable to produce any required output units for multi power section and multi-industry applications. The power of single unit ranges from 250KW to 1500kW, and the power generation of 1.5MW ~ 8MW and above can be realized. Any combination of parallel modes can meet different power generation requirements.

1000kW Sound Proof Type

Product Features

Feature One

  • Independent design, manufacturing & industrialized operation of cabinet body.

Feature Two

  • Adapt to various air source conditions (3kpa~20 mpa air source pressure can be used).

Feature Three

  • Modular unit and independent operation of cooling system.

Feature Four

  • Can be used in a variety of harsh environments, especially in places with high temperature, high humidity, Very cold, wind and sand etc…

Feature Five

  • Increase the cooling area of the cooling system, and increase the heat dissipation margin to 25~40%.