Easy Modular Data Center All-in-One


Modular design of the mechanical and control systems allow for gradual build-up of the cooling infrastructure to match the cooling demand of the facility. This greatly reduces CAPEX expenditure and provides deferred investment throughout the life of the facility.

Prefabricated Data Center Modules arrive on site ready to deploy which significantly reduces installation time and cost.

Prefabricated modules inherently allow for scalable growth of IT infrastructure and the flexibility to adjust the design and size of future phases of deployment. Capital investments can be deferred, improving cash flow.

Prefabricated Modules are designed and built to precise specifications in a controlled factory environment and utilize DCIM software which results in improved reliability and a more predictably performing data center.

 Includes all the necessary components to make one connection to the chiller without the need of external connections to auxiliary equipment such as pumps, increasing the speed of deployment.

Cooling Solutions

The compaction of Information Technology equipment and simultaneous increases in processor power consumption are creating challenges for data center managers in ensuring adequate distribution of cool air, removal of hot air and sufficient cooling capacity. While the overall total power and cooling capacity designed for a data center may be adequate, the distribution of cool air to the right areas may not. When more compact IT equipment is housed densely within a single cabinet, or when data center managers contemplate largescale deployments with multiple racks filled with ultracompact blade servers, the increased power required and heat dissipated must be addressed

Uniflair Wall Mount Room Cooling

Wall-mounted units for outdoor installation for mission critical applications

Uniflair InRow Cooling Accessories

Options to optimize the performance or functionality of row cooling products

Uniflair Chilled Water InRow Cooling

Close-coupled, chilled water cooling for medium to large data centers

Uniflair Direct Expansion InRow Cooling

Uniflair Direct Expansion InRow Cooling

Uninterruptible UPS Power Supply

Are you looking for uninterruptible power supply protection and management solutions? Kopanong Technologies provides UPS power supply for homes, data centers and industrial environments. Our UPS power supply provides protection from power surges, load shedding and unpredictable weather conditions.

Easy UPS 3M
60-200kVA, 400V easy-to-install, easy-to-connect, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 3 phase UPS for small and medium data centers and other business critical applications.
Easy UPS 3S
10-40kVA, 208/400V easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-service 3 phase UPS for small and medium data centers and other business critical applications.
Galaxy VX
Highly efficient 3-phase power protection with flexible operating modes
500 to 1500kVA
Galaxy VM
Highly efficient 160 -1125kVA -480V and 160 -1000kVA 400V 3 phase UPS power protection that seamlessly integrates into medium data centers, industrial or facilities applications.
Galaxy VS
Highly efficient 20 to 150 kW (480 V), 10 to 150 kW (400 V), and 10 to 75 kW (208 V) 3-phase UPS for edge, small, and medium data centers and other business-critical applications.
Galaxy Lithium-ion Battery Systems
A compact, lightweight, long-lasting and sophisticated energy storage solution for 3-phase uninterruptible power supplies.
Easy UPS 3L
250-600 kVA, 400V easy-to-configure, easy-to-use and easy-to-service 3 phase UPS for commercial and industrial applications.
Easy UPS 3-Series Accessories
Accessories for Easy UPS 3-phase UPSs for small, medium, and large data centers and other business critical applications.
Smart-UPS RT 5000VA 230V extended runtime model
Smart-UPS RT 6000VA 230V
Smart-UPS RT, 1000VA, 230V
Smart-UPS RT, 20, kVA, rackmount, 230V
APC Smart-UPS On-Line, 3kVA, Lithium-ion, Rackmount 3U, 230V, 6x C13+2x C19 IEC outlets, Network Card, Extended runtime, W/ rail kit
APC Smart-UPS On-Line, 6kVA/6kW, Rack/Tower, 230V, 2x IEC C13+1x IEC C19+Hard wire 3-wire
APC Smart-UPS SRT, 8000VA, 230V
APC Smart-UPS SRT, 8000VA, RM, 230V
APC Smart-UPS SRT 5000VA RM 208/230V HW
APC Smart-UPS SRT, 5000VA, RM, 230V
APC Smart-UPS SRT, 5000VA, 230V
Smart-UPS SRT, 2200VA, 230V
Smart-UPS RT, 15, kVA, rackmount, 230V
APC Smart-UPS RT 1000VA, 230V, 6x IEC 60320 C13 & 2x IEC Jumpers outlets, w/network card
APC Smart-UPS RT 1000VA, 230V, rackmount, 2U, 6x IEC 60320 & 2x IEC Jumpers outlets, w/network card
Smart-UPS RT 1000VA rackmount 230V